How it works

Exploring your options

The preplanning process is simple: You book an appointment with your local Canada Purple Shield® representative and we sit down together and present you will all the options your funeral establishment of choice offers.

Payment Options

You decide how you would like to pay for your funeral. We have options that suit any financial situation, including monthly payment plans.

Securing your plan

Once you obtain a Purple Shield Plan to cover your funeral costs, we will work with you to assign your plan to a funeral establishment of your choice, where they will create a Goods and Services Contract with you. Many of our funeral home partners will lock in your funeral costs at TODAY’S PRICES when covered by a Purple Shield Plan.

Peace of mind for your loved ones

At the time of your passing, your chosen funeral establishment has all the details covered, and your family will be spared making difficult decisions at an emotionally stressful time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I ever need a medical exam to qualify for a plan?

A: No. None of our products require that you have a medical exam, and we offer plans that anyone can qualify for regardless of age or health.

Q: What happens if I move?

A: Our plans are transferable penalty-free to any province or country.

Q: What happens if I go into a nursing home?

A: The money in your plan is protected and cannot be touched by anyone but yourself. This includes nursing homes, income tax, lawyers and estate costs. Furthermore, insurance is not counted as an asset when determining governmental subsidies you may be entitled to.

Q: What can my Purple Shield® Plan be used for?

A: Your Purple Shield® Plan can be used to pay for a funeral or cremation at the time of need, and to cover any outstanding mortgage loans, credit card or other debts you may leave behind, and donations or immediate financial help to your family.

Q: Is my money protected for as long as I live?

A: Yes. For your security, our underwriter, Assurant Life of Canada®, is a member of Assuris, where all its policy holders are protected for the amount of your coverage –

Q: What happens when I pass away?

A: Death benefit proceeds are usually paid immediately. Often, one simple mention to your local funeral home about your plan will be enough. From here, we take care of all the details and paperwork in conjunction with your local funeral director. We always encourage families to let their funeral home know that they have a Purple Shield® Plan in place. Your best option is to have your funeral plans fully pre-arranged and in place at your local funeral establishment, in conjunction with your Purple Shield Plan®.

Q: Can I pay for my monument or marker with a Purple Shield® Plan?

A: Yes. Purple Shield® works closely with numerous monuments companies. You can lock in the cost of your monument at today’s prices through a Purple Shield® Plan. We work with all monument companies in Atlantic Canada, including Heritage, SMET and Nelson.

Q: What is the best way to record my wishes?

A: When you set up a Purple Shield® Plan, you also receive a Wishes and Memories Planning Guide where all your important information and planning wishes may be recorded. Please fill this out as soon as you can. This is provided free of charge.

Q: How can I start a plan?

A: To start a plan, call our qualified representatives or request that one of our qualified consultants visit you for a free informational meeting. They can show you all the benefits of preplanning your final wishes in great detail, answer your questions, and help you choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. To set up a free consultation, please call us.

Q: What if I die away from home?

A: Our Travel Plan provides coverage for the return of your body to a funeral home you have selected in your home town.

Q: Can my coverage decrease?

A: No. As long as you keep your policy premium up to date

Q: Can my premiums increase?

A: No. Your premium amount will remain the same and cannot be increased.

Q: Can my coverage be terminated?

A: No, not as long as you have paid your premiums.

Q: What if I have more questions or comments about this website or your programs?

A: Please use the “Contact Us” tab feature of the website with your comments. Thanks.

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